Courses offered


This course covers the knowledge & technique required to make a film, including screenwriting, directing, producing, digital camera operation, lighting, sound, and basic computer editing on an industry leading application. The course is very ‘hands-on’ in its approach with students being exposed to the various stages of the filmmaking, as well as a range of industry standard applications. Students will participate in a film production during the course.

Film Editing

Within the film community, an editor is highly revered and considered a magician with the power to make or break a film.The film editor assembles all of the footage that the director has shot, but it is his/her job to put it together in a manner that will keep the audience guessing and craving more.
For this reason there is two aspect of film editing : the storytelling aspect and the technical aspect. You will learn both. While you learn& practice one-on-one under a professional editor on Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro,we will also teach you the way of storytelling.


Cinematography is the art of telling a story through the use of lighting techniques and camera capture. It involves technical & practical concerns such as camera, lens, format, and lighting instruments, as well as various methods related to composition and subject modelling in order to tell the story. This course helps students understand the role of the Director of Photography and how he or she adds emotion and visual style to the look of a scene.

Color Grading

A skilled colorist maintains continuity by matching shots, but also enhances the work of the cinematographer. Colorists also manipulate perception to stimulate emotions, focus attention and improve the understanding of a project. In this Course we teach the complete Color Grading on Davinci Resolve.
At the End of each courses Student will be given to make their own film by themselves.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing consists of the most used channels to promote brands and businesses in the region including Social Media, SEO, Google Ads and Email Marketing. Tactical and sophisticated techniques are used with the help of analytical sources to help drive awareness, leads and conversions.
Having the capability to deliver to your customer’s needs, in the right place at the right time is absolutely vital to achieve your goals and grow. The most up to date marketing processes and tools will be covered in this course to drive actionable results and marketing growth for businesses.

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